Base V2.0 3200mAh Serrated Type C

£30.00 GBP

Serrated blade base to upgrade your previous version Shaker.  Now with cutting teeth, the new base rips through soft fruit and oats leaving a smoother finish.

All our shakers are now sold with this blade base as standard.  You can purchase a new complete cup by clicking  here.

The new blade can be seen in action on our instagram page

The serrated blade base is packed with a large 3200mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack.  You can charge on the go you headphones or phone devices as and when needed.  Sharing is caring and we wanted to allow that energy to be transferred to other devices.

With an automatic 20 second mixing cycle, you don't need to worry about waiting to stop the mix as it is automatic.  If you need more just start again the mixing process by double clicking the start button.

Double clicking adds a level of safety to the cup so it's not so easy to activate for wondering fingers or if in the bag rocking about whilst travelling.

Clear green and red lights to help you problem solve when it comes to aligning the base with the middle section, or simply knowing when the unit is fully charged.