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9 amazing colours to choose from, stand out, your unique!

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When you need it most, Sureblend keeps you fully charged

Type C Portable Power


Ordinary shakers are ok if you don’t mind an incomplete mix and not wanting to maximise your shake experience for mind, taste, and body performance.

The Sureblend motorised blender allows you to take shaking to the next level. With a rechargeable Lithium Ion built in power supply, you can shake at a press of a button without having to shake your wrist. Even manual shaking doesn’t give you a mix that perfect!

Safety First!

Easy to Clean and Assemble

The middle and top are dishwasher safe, though easy to clean with a splash of detergent and warm water; power up to spin and clean in no time! How to clean video here

Sureblend Mixer Specifications