Sure Blend Shaker Bottle - A Must Have To Make Protein Shakes

Sure Blend Shaker Bottle - A Must Have To Make Protein Shakes

Sure Blend Shaker Bottle - A Must Have To Make Protein Shakes

Are your morning full of struggles of making the perfect protein shake? Do you finally want an end the morning roar of your blender?

Keep on reading and discover the solution to your everyday problem!

You consume nutritious foods like eggs, milk, poultry, legumes, etc. to fulfill the protein requirement of your body. But have you ever given a thought to the idea of taking protein shakes as a source of the essential nutrient – protein?

Are you looking for a shaker bottle online that might help you in making perfect protein shakes? If yes, then we are here to introduce you to our wonderful product.

Sure Blend | Offering one of the best protein shaker bottle in the UK!

But before moving on to the product, let us give you a brief review of what proteins are and why do you need them?

What Are Proteins And Why Do You Need Them?

Protein is considered the fundamental component of the human body. They build your muscles, supports body structure, provide energy to the body, and regulates numerous functions in your body.

Eating foods that serve as a source of protein may impose remarkable health and fitness benefits on your body. For instance, protein

  • Is an important building block for muscles and bones
  • Can be used as a source of energy
  • Regulates the hormones and enzymes
  • Declines the muscle loss

Protein Shakes – Are They Worth Using?

Let’s take a look at what protein shakes are? How are they made? And what are the benefits?

If you are new to the world of fitness, protein shakes might seem intimidating to you. These shakes are actually a dietary supplement and their intake can fulfil or enrich your diet if your body needs a boost to meet the daily protein target.

For making a perfect protein shake or smoothie, one can use fruits, green-leafed vegetables, oats and nuts, milk, flaxseeds, herbs, and much more. But hold on! How is the making of a perfect protein shake possible without a motorised bottle blender? For that, Sure Blend is at your service to provide you with a really good protein shaker bottle.

Why Should You Take Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes may be used for a number of reasons like;

  • Weight loss – the intake of protein may reduce the appetite, caloric intake, and the release of hunger hormones; leptin and ghrelin thereby the individual is subjected to weight loss.
  • Muscle growth – protein shakes may be used by athletes who wish to have increased muscle growth. The shakes or smoothies containing whey protein have been known for the increment of muscle mass.
  • Source of energy – protein itself may not provide much energy. Therefore, several ingredients in the protein shake may serve as a source of immediate energy release.
  • Recovery from an injury – if your muscles are injured during a workout, protein shakes have the capability to repair the muscles and tissues and fasten the recovery rate.

How To Make A Banana And Oat Protein Shake?

The ingredients for the banana oat protein shake are;

  • Two and a half bananas
  • One-fourth cup of oats
  • Two or more dates
  • One and a half scoops of peanut butter flavoured protein powder
  • Two cups of water and some ice cubes


Add all the ingredients to the electric blender. Blend them until they are nicely mixed. And serve! This yummy banana oat protein shake will readily provide protein and fibers to your body and it has everything that you need to replenish energy and calories.

Introducing You to Our Sure Blend Bottle:

Look no further! Sure Blend is at your service with the best protein shaker bottle.

The electric shaker bottle is acknowledged as a superb product for blending your protein powders, soft fruits, oats, nuts, and supplements effortlessly and within a number of seconds.

Let’s Have A Product Overview!

SureBlend's protein bottle has;

  • A height of 11.26 inches or 28.6 cm and a weight of 15.17 oz. or 430 grams.
  • The capacity to hold about 800 millilitres of liquid.
  • A durable and easy-to-carry handle.
  • Conveniently cleaned

What Accessories Come With The Bottle?

  • A charging cable to charge the bottle’s battery
  • Color-changing flip lid
  • A Type C USB port for headphones or phone
  • Portable Power bank on the go!

Characteristics Of Our Shaker Cup:

The best blending bottle by Sure Blend is distinctive from other products available in the market because of the following features:

  • Excellent quality blades – the blades inside the blender are extremely durable and made up of stainless steel to perfectly chop, slice, blend, or mix the ingredients of your shake or smoothie.
  • Smart chip – holds an auto switch-off timer and a flashing indicator in green and red color that lets you know of any issues. For instance, if the centre body of the bottle blender is not correctly connected to the base, this safety feature will not let the blades turn, hence lowering the chances of any harm from the blade.
  • The two in one facility – another exciting feature in the protein shaker bottle, the deep-seated power bank in the shaker bottle online wins the game because it can charge your phone or headphone whenever required.
  • Rechargeable battery – the Sure Blend power blender comes with a built-in 3200mAh rechargeable battery that also acts as a power bank.
  • Lithium-ion batteries – for the best performance, lithium-ion batteries are used in the power bank of the vortex bottle. This feature provides the best performance until the battery drops. Moreover, it guarantees secure transportation via courier as the protein shaker bottle is certificated to UN38.3.

What Is That Safety Sensor For?

Where will you get the best electric protein shaker with this many advanced features in it? The Sure Blend shaker cup possesses a safety sensor, making sure that the blades are not rotating if it’s not tightly or perfectly closed thus reducing the harm.

Wrapping It Up!

If you have decided to consume protein shakes or smoothies to get the most of their benefits, and looking for a good quality electric blending bottle online, this product by Sure Blend can be the most durable and liked among all. Get your hands on the product before we get out of stock!

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